Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What's to Come

As the creator of So Sweet Giveaways, I had envisioned this a place where new businesses could find exposure and receive attention necessary to carry-on in this formidable economy.  As I've thought, I've decided to add a few things.  If you see in my header I now have a link for 'recipes'.  They are soon to come.  What quailifies me to post recipes?...Good question because 5 years ago we had spaghetti every other night for dinner.  I have been taught by my SIL, MIL and BRIL (sister, mother, and brother-in-law) how to play chef and baker.  Though I wouldn't compare myself in their category, I've finally come up with some good recipes of my own and will encourage our sponsors, other bloggers, and readers to share their culinary creations as well.  Just so you are aware Culinary-In-Laws, I will not be posting your recipes as I know they are how you make a living or perhaps plan to someday.

The other new addition to So Sweet Giveaways will be a weekly article authored by me.  If you are family or close friends of mine, you may see some similarites in the weekly article to "Tidbits".   I will be writing about things that cross my mind as a mother, a woman, a dork, a religious individual, a complainer, an artist and a lot of other sweet things.  Stay tuned and thanks again for your support. 

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