Thursday, May 27, 2010

~Ssshhh....It's a Secret~

Lately I've been trying to live my life a little differently.  I guess you could say it started back in October of 2009 when Dan Brown released his book "The Lost Symbol".  If you haven't read it don't worry I won't give away the ending.  But I will say it discussed an interesting idea about the human mind.  This idea hit me pretty hard...and as soon as I finished reading "The Lost Symbol",  I quickly grabbed "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. (ok so when I found out there was a movie, I stopped reading the book and watched the movie :) )

The Secret is all about the "Law of Attraction".  Essentially everything that happens to us happens because we attracted it with our thoughts. That's pretty powerful.  The book, er a movie...I mean, Is pretty relentless about the fact that you attract EVERYTHING.  Which means that if your father dies, you attract that.  If you get into a car accident, yep your fault again. 

Now I'm not so sure about everything, but if I had to tell you where my allegiance lies I would say that in most cases I think "The Law of Attraction" is real.  I think we do attract most things in our lives.  As a believer in God, I would have to say that there is that element.  I don't think we necessarily attract the time of death of our family for instance.  But I would venture to say that we attract happiness, sadness, wealth, poverty, sickness, health, luck, good days, bad days, debt, position, etc.

I think the biggest key to life is to have faith and hope.  REGARDLESS OF YOUR RELIGION!  Faith and hope of financial freedom, and health, and wealth, and joy are all key to as actually obtaining that element in life.  You have to believe it so much that you feel like you already have it.  If you believe in God, you have to believe that he WANTS to bless you with comforts of life, and stop thinking that you should be eternally punished for every little thing that you've done incorrectly.  Of course as a sinner we may not "deserve" certain things but with that mentality you can say that really none of us do.  And since some people DO have those things, it must not be an issue of deserving.  It's an issue of faith. 

One last thing I'd like to touch on is the power of our minds.  You hear this said all of the time, "The mind is a powerful thing". I'd like to say, YES IT IS!  And I think it is much much more powerful than many people think or allow themselves to believe.  It think the reason why in religion, faith and hope are overly stated and restated is because that is how you tap into the awesome, nearly magical powers of your mind.  Faith is a creation of reality.  That is why our religions teach us to believe without seeing. I think God's power comes from his mind.  And I think we are being taught not only to rely on God, but to become like him.

To end I'm going to do a writing exercise described in 'The Secret'.  I've already written some of this in my personal journal but I feel this will reinforce the ideas.  You will notice the opposite of what I say is what I'm really struggling with.  :)  I will also note that some of the things I wrote in the past month have already come to be. 

1.  I am grateful for my organized home and garage.
2.  I am grateful for financial freedom from credit cards.
3.  I am grateful that 'Nana'  is potty trained.
4.  I am grateful for my freshly sodded backyard.
5.  I am grateful for the porch on the back of my house.
6.  I am grateful for new flooring.
7.  I am grateful for Marley, my yellow lab, to have a new family with a farm to run around on. 
8.  I am grateful for flexible strong hip muscles.
9.  I am grateful for only one mortgage.
10.  I am grateful that we own our van.
11.  I am grateful to take great photographs the first time I take them.

Try it out.   The one rule is that you can't use any negative words.  You have to say everything positively.